Linda Mtoba – “Being back on TV is scary”

Linda Mtoba – “Being back on TV is scary”

Linda Mtoba pens down an extensive note to herself and furthermore to Tshedza Pictures (Producers of The Rivers and Giyani).

The on-screen character talked about getting another acting job and how she’s feels not-prepared because of the long one year break she had in the wake of birthing her girl.

Linda says continuing screens is unnerving.

“Being back on television is unnerving reason a ton can be said particularly after simply having a child,” she said.

‘Much obliged to you @tshedzapictures for being tolerating of me and all I am.

For never forgetting about me, for consoling me of my part and worth.”

“I got the contents for my “return” I felt so much nervousness cause WOW (you’ll all see soon enough).. I felt overpowered I had such huge numbers of what uncertainties, I wasn’t working for close to 12 months. Imagine a scenario in which I can’t do it any longer, consider the possibility that I’m not prepared. How might they give me such a riotous story after I’ve been away for such a long time.”

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A letter. I write this letter as a woman,as a mother & a young actress. There’s so much of me that has changed lately from my view of the world to my appearance and being a mom. Thank you @tshedzapictures for being accepting of me and all I am. For never leaving me out, for reassuring me of my part & value. For letting me know that I can have all that I want,that I can have a career,be a wife & a mother. In a world where woman are often left to choose one or other. For giving me the time I needed to be at home & be a mom to my daughter. “Say when you’re ready to come back & that’s all you’ll need to do” And indeed true to your words,it was. As daunting as it is to back with my new self, I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for allowing me to come as I am. I remember getting the scripts for my “come back” I felt so much anxiety cause WOW (you’ll all understand soon enough) I felt overwhelmed I had so many what ifs, I hadn’t been working for almost a year. What if I can’t do it anymore, what if I’m not ready. How can they give me such a hectic story after I’ve been away for so long. Thank you for entrusting me with it, thank you for always believing in me. I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know. To each & every person at work Ngiyabonga. From the ADs,wardrobe,directors, to makeup, to the office Thank you for the kindness & love you’ve bestowed upon me. The care you’ve show me a mom specifically goes beyond everything I’ve ever imagined. Ngiyabonga, I suppose this is actually my love letter to @tshedzapictures. Oh and to you, yes YOU, thank you for your kindness & encouragement. Being back on tv is scary cause there’s a lot that can be said especially after just having a baby, I was/am still very self conscious your words have helped me so much. May you extend that kindness,always. Ngiyanithanda.

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