Tweezy speaks on how “unsupportive” friends caused him depression

Tweezy speaks on how “unsupportive” friends caused him depression

SA music maker, Tweezy talks about how having “unsupportive” companions caused him discouragement and mental breakdown.

The star uncovered weeks prior that 2020 made him heaps of stunning successes in spite of engaging with gloom in 2019.

Taking to Twitter on Monday evening, Tweezy said he will give point by point story on how not dropping companions who aren’t strong nearly caused him his life.

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“At some point, I’ll drop a tirade video about the risks of not dropping unsupportive companions and how it came about to my downturn and mental breakdown… however until further notice, CUT OFF EVERY AND ANYONE WHO IS NOT IN SUPPORT OF YOUR DREAMS AND CAPABILITIES. Figure out how to tune in with your eyes,” he tweeted.

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